Research more while working less

Let Automated Research do all the hard work of finding references, summarizing a research field or summarizing papers.

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How it works

1. Add papers
You provide an initial set of papers.
(PDF papers, with OCRed content)
2. Your documents are analyzed
Automated Research analyzes the given documents, searches for papers in the same field and prepares a report.
3. Review the analysis
You are then presented with a report of related papers, top authors in the given field and more.


Unlock new research fields instantly
  • Rapidly get familiar with the top authors and papers
  • Discover which papers influenced which papers
  • Learn the dominant keywords in the field
Explore related topics
  • Instantly build a list of potential references for your papers
  • Reduce the amount of time you waste reading irrelevant papers
  • Discover the vocabulary used within the field
  • Learn more about your field of interest
Easy to parse network graphs
  • Author to author relation graphs (who cites who)
  • Paper to paper relation graphs (which papers a paper is based)
  • Keyword-based relation graph (which papers talk about the same thing)
Automated papers research and writing
  • Gather and prepare all the content for your paper
  • Get suggestions on which papers to read next

Plans and Pricing


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  •  For your students
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